Our value Proposition

Our service products help innovators and decision makers in DAX companies or innovativ SMEs who want to make successful use of Augmented Reality. We achieve this by guiding them through the jungle of possible AR technologies/applications/business cases and helping them developing solutions which are feasible and matter. 

WHo are We. Why Should you go with us?

We are a Munich based organisation of professional Augmented and Virtual Reality experts. A very long track record in realising AR/VR projects for national and international industries makes us experts in what we do. We have reinvented the wheel together with car makers, plan makers, heavy industries and also companies from the telecommunications or entertainment industries. A lot of the inventions going to the market currently, were probably been invented in Munich. This network of experts allows us to fit all pieces together. We know the technology, the displays, the tracking, but also industrial environments, data processes and accuracy. We also know user experiences and business cases. Meet us and see, what we can do for you!

Who is Björn, THe founder of Ar-Experts?

Björn has successfully founded and grown up an Augmented Reality company, building 3D projectors  (HW&SW) for industrial measurement, assembly and quality assurance tasks.


He holds a Ph.D (with honors) from TU München, and did his Masters thesis with Airbus about mobile AR in industrial applications. He did long field and ethnographic studies with > 150 users on various AR systems and installations. He is using his experience to consult companies on how to make use of this technologies. He is an speaker at national and international conferences and fairs (>40). His ideas, inventions and solutions are helping many car makers, plane makers, users in heavy industries, just as companies from communication and entertainment. 


He masters the technology is looking for applications problem, by strong value based selling strategies and thus has brought the future to many conservative german industries. 



If he wants to cry he watches his soccer team playing. If he wants to smile he plays with his daughter.


Augmented & Virtual Reality will be a ubiquitous dominating  technology to help us at work and entertain us in our leisure time.


We bring people together to make augmented reality a success story, a ubiquitous technology. However, we will do everything, that we are not getting lost in the holodeck and still remain human beings living in a real reality.