AR/VR GLasses partner program

Since 2016 we have been reviewing and evaluating 180 AR / VR / Smart Glasses.


The glasses are reviewed according to 55 criteria in theoretical, practical and laboratory evaluations. Relevant glasses will be lent to our customers. This continuously prevents them from false investments and transfers knowledge to their organisation.


Typical customers and partners in this program are innovation managers and decision makers from mayor European companies like car makers, ship builders, plane makers and all other companies producing market leading products.



Market-Scouting and evaluation requires a high expertise, which is RESOURCE INTENSIVE.


Continuous procurement of glasses for your HIGH-TECH MUSEUM.



You need to understand the difference between MS HOLOLENS and MAGIC LEAP.

Solution offer

Display Pool

Provision of AR/VR glasses

+ Extensive market scouting

+ Procurement of selected


+ Lending of HMDs to partners


+ Regular partner meetings

+ Experience exchange 

    between partners 

+ Inspection of HMD pool

+ Limited participant group



+ Professional evaluation

+ Testing on API functionality,

     tracking, accuracy,

     ergonomy, economical


+ Integration in application



+ Roadmap & guidance

+ Support with concretising

     mixed reality plans

+ Combining technology with

     people and business to

     implement AR/VR  


Partner program

Choose one out of the three options to participate in our AR/VR glasses partner program.